Monday, June 18, 2012

DR. BLAKE Personified By: Halston Jackson
“The teacher called again honey.” Lucy said. “About Cyliss?” Benjahmin replied. She looked upon him in frustration. “Who else would it be about, she said that he strayed and did something far different than the assignment that she gave the class,” Lucy explained. “She said the picture that he drew was very interesting but didn’t pertain to any of the material that they have been studying.”
“Well what do 8 year olds study in school besides ABC’s and addition?” Benjahmin asked in a sarcastic manner. “I don’t know but apparently he’s struggling with it, maybe you should talk to him again.” Lucy insisted.
“Maybe your right, and I will, but what do you think about sending him to a Kung Fu camp? Benjahmin asked. In a puzzled manner, Lucy looked at Benjahmin as though he had lost his mind. “What?  No, and where did this come from?” she asked. “Well the weirdest thing happened to me about a week ago,” Benjahmin explained.
“I was walking out the office when this man wearing something like a robin hood hat walked up to me.  I thought he was lost or something, but I noticed from the gate he had this mysterious feel about his aura; in a good way or bad?; I wondered that myself and the word I thought of was pure so I guess it was good.  Then he asked me, ‘are you Benjahmin Blake?’ I said yes and he said ‘It’s nice to finally meet you, my name is Rosley Jackson.’ and handed me an envelope.  At that point my secretary Linda came running out the door and  handed  me my briefcase that I had forgotten .  Before I could turn around he was gone.” He further explained.
“Well what was in it?” he asked Lucy. “Hold on its in my car.” Benjahmin replied as he bolted out of the house to retrieve the enveloped material. “See hear it is,” he began. “A pamphlet for Inkiki’s Craft and Kung Fu School.” “Who‘s Inkiki?” Lucy asked in utter confusion. “I don’t know but that’s not all,” Benjahmin replied. “Look what else was in there; A plane ticket to Japan, one way.” “Honey this is scaring me.” Lucy said worriedly.
 Ben slowly approached her and began caressing her arm in comfort “That’s why I didn’t tell you till now.” He said. “Why would you wait to tell me something like this?” Lucy replied in frustration. “Well I figured there was no way you were going to let him go anyway so what difference would it make?” Ben asked. “Of course we wouldn’t let him go, right? Right?” Lucy said, looking for Ben’s agreement. “Benjamin Solomon Blake I know not for one second you were thinking about sending our one and only son to some kung fu get away!”
“My first response was like yours,” Benjahmin replied. ” But This has been in my mind for a week, and you know not many things remain in my mind that long. I tried to forget about it, but when you said the teacher called again it resurfaced. Now I’m not saying we should send our son away, but we both know our son is very special in ways we can only dream of.  I’m not sure why this happened but it did, and we also don’t want to deprive him of any opportunity that we never were presented with. All I’m asking is that you take a week to think about it, then decide. Also I feel that it would be fair to ask Cyliss what he thinks.”
“Benjahmin this is too much.” Lucy explained. “I know,” he uttered. “Just take some time to think it over.” “But what if this Rosley man has been stalking us, watching Cyliss? I don’t know this just doesn’t make any sense.” Lucy said in an uneasy voice. “I don’t know either honey.” Ben replied. “Were in the same boat, all I know is we both want the best for our son, and I won’t let anything happen to you or Cyliss you know that. I have power in Japan, 4 or 5 powerful business clients, so you know I would make sure our son is well watched over.”
 “I can’t believe you’re actually considering this, I mean you even have a plan!” Lucy responded in a shocked tone. “I don’t have a plan,” Ben replied. “I just think we owe it to our son to give this a thorough analysis.” “And I will,” Lucy replied. “And return with a sure NO!” “Ok as long as we give it a chance, I think we should ask Cyliss what he thinks.” Ben said. “Well go ahead he’s upstairs, you said you were going to talk to him anyway.” Said Lucy.
Benjahmin approached the staircase, still pondering in his own mind as to whether or not he truly believed this whole situation was good or bad and if he really felt comfortable about letting his only son go so far away for so long. But he also knew that this could not just be sheer coincidence. He knew his son was sent to them for the purpose of greatness. For this very reason Benjahmin felt it was proper to consider this offer from so far away.
 “Cyliss you busy?” Ben shouted , as his voice was carried by the walls leading up the staircase. “Na dad just playing that new WFC that you got me  .” Cyliss responded. “Oh right so, is it good?”  “Yea its cool.”   “Cool, but son I wanted to talk to you about something” Ben said in serious manner.; “Let me guess school, ughh.   I hate school and I don’t think my teacher likes me,”  Cyliss emphasized. “Well what’s the problem?” Benjahmin asked. “Well she always wants me to do stupid things.”  “Like what?” Ben said.  “Like drawing and writing.” Cyliss explained.  “But you love to write and draw?”  “I know, but not the things she wants.”  What do you mean?” Ben asked.
  “She told the whole class to draw a cat, but I drew a spaceship see its right here.” As Cyliss pulls out the picture.  “Wow that’s amazing and she complained about this?” Ben questioned. “Yupp she said I didn’t follow directions.”  “Who would care about directions with work like this, I’ve seen grown ups that cant draw that good. I think I see what the problem is.” Ben proclaimed.
 “Now son what do you think about kung fu? I know Bruce Lee is one of your favorite people ever just like me, but what do you think about taking kung fu?” when Ben asked the question a big smile appeared on Cyliss’s face.   “Like BRUCE LEE!” Cyliss shouted.  “Uh huh learning the same things.”  Dad I would like that.” Cyliss said with a quick response.   “The catch is you would be away from your mother and I for a pretty long time.”  “Would you come visit?” Cyliss asked.  “Of course we would,” Benjahmin said.  “Dad what’s a pretty long time?” “Well I guess as long as you want.” “Dad this has nothing to do with you or mom but I would love to go.” Cyliss joyfully exclaimed. “I know son and I won’t take it that way, it’s a great opportunity. But take some time to think about it.” “Yes dad I will.” Ben patted his son on the head as he left the room hiding his emotions after his sons response.
 Ben entered the room with his wife completely wanting to avoid the conversation he just had with Cyliss.
   “Well how did it go?” Lucy asked Ben.  “Well I talked to him about school,  and I think its what we  were saying before. I think he’s just far too advanced for the work. He said the teachers assignments don’t hold his interest.” Lucy Sighed then said “That’s because of all that time in lab. I told you not to take him down there so much!”  Ben replied “I cant believe this, are you complaining that our son is too advanced?”  “I’m not saying that, it’s just that I don’t want to see him go away.  I knew this was going to happen!  What did Cyliss say?” Lucy asked Ben. “He said he drew a spaceship instead of a cat“.  “Not that huh.”  Lucy says in an annoyed manner.  “Well he said he would love to go to the kung fu school.”  “Uhh I knew it!”  Lucy puts her hand on her forehead , “well I’m going to talk with  Cyliss then cry myself to sleep“, Lucy goes upstairs to have a long talk with Cyliss; “Good night honey I’ll be up in a little bit, I’m going to the lab“;
 Mean while in underground headquarters Vp18, Sifu Rosley Jackson seems unsure of the transaction between himself and the star child’s father, and Mitch his ever reliable second in command senses it”
  “Did every thing go ok Sifu?”  “I’d say about 70% or so Mitch, but something’s telling me to go to his office tomorrow for reassurance.”  “Did he take the envelope?” “Yes, but I think there is a need of one more persuasive tool.”  “And what’s that?”Mitch questioned.  “A reason.” “You mean your going to tell them of his mission?”  ‘I am not going to tell them anything. I’m going to make an offer of the truth to him, and he can tell his wife.”  “But what if it doesn‘t work?” Mitch said uneasily. “Mitch just make sure my things are prepared for tomorrow.” Rosely responded.  His calm tone gave Mitch confidence as his presence did with many other people. “Right sifu! I will have your things ready in the morning.” “Thank you.” “Goodnight Sifu.” Sifu Rosley Jackson, feels the need to go and speak to the star child’s father, Next morning in Dr. Benjahmin Blakes office a message awaits him from his secretary Misty.
 “Good morning Dr. Blake.”  “Well hello Misty, how are you this morning?”  “Good, I printed out those documents you asked me for yesterday.”  “Good.”  “Also, a man came by earlier and asked for you. He said it pertained to your son.” “Hmm did they leave a name?  “Yes it was ummm that’s weird I forget, but I wrote it down.”   Misty began rummaging through a pile of documents.  Here it is it’s Rosley Jackson from Iniki’s School of Kung Fu.  “Its him again.” Benjahmin uttered seeming slightly confused. “Him who?” “No one don’t worry about it.  Did he say if he would come back?”  Well that’s the other funny thing he said he was going to wait for you here, and he sat down.  I continued typing, then looked up a moment later  and he was gone.”  Oh well.  I do have a question for you though, last week when you brought my briefcase out to me did you see me talking to anyone?  Ummm no not that I remember.”  “Hmm ok, well thank you I’ll be in my office reviewing these documents.”  Dr. Blake enters the office to find the ever so mysterious man waiting for him as if he had anticipated his arrival. “Wait a min these aren’t the right documents.  Misty!”    Blake cut his speech short as he was startled by the man sitting in his chair.  “We  meet again Dr. Blake.” Rosely said in a calm manner. “Wait how do you do that?” Dr. Blake asked in a frustrated manner.  “Dr. Blake is everything ok in there?” Misty shouted in from the lobby.  “Yea I just closed my hand in the door.”  “Are you ok?”  “Yea I’m fine.”  Blake turned around to finish his conversation. “So, damn where did  he go.” Dr. Blake turns around and finds Rosley sitting in his chair.  “I’m right here.” Rosely responded in as if everything was normal.  “Hey would you stop doing that, and that’s my chair. Now what is all this pertaining too and how do you know my son?”  Dr. Blakes shouted at Rosley and demanded answers. “And who is Inkiki?” he added.  Rosley responded in a calm placid manner.  “Inkiki was a great teacher and student of the ancient mysteries and crafts,  and that’s why I came back.  I figured it wasn’t right to just leave you hanging like that. So how did the wife take it?”  “How do you know my wife?”  Benjahmin responded with a puzzled look upon his face.  “Well sort of the same way I know you, because the both of you are bearers of the light.”   “What’s that mean?”  “This means that you two were chosen to bring a child of the light into a world full of darkness.”  “Do you mean Cyliss?” “Of course, cant you tell?”  “Well we always knew our son was special. So what is a child of the light?”  “A title; they are all sent on different missions.”  “Sent from who?”  “The gods of course.”  “So your saying our son is gods son?”  “Well we are all gods son, but I guess they would come into the world more tuned in to gods frequency.”  “Hmm I must say this doesn’t surprise me, so what is are sons mission?”  “Cyliss’s Mission is to help bring balance to planet earth.  “He will help reorganize the negative energy that plagues this planet.”  “I guess this Kung Fu camp is part of his training.”  “Yes that is correct.”  “I must say I knew there was something about that kid, my wife and I always knew.  So who do you work for?  “I think you know the answer to that question.  The more important question is who do you work for? Well Dr. Blake we will meet again.”  “Yea I know, but I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to the Mrs.”  “Ha better you than me. Hey whats that over there?”  “Over where?  Hey, ahh I should of known he was going to do that.”
  There has been talks recently within revolution camp VP18 that the star child has proceeded with the mission and has taken flight to Inkiki’s Craft and Mystery School.
  “A yo Hotep family; this is your brother Sirius Chazz, and Ton Sun Blu, reporting from the Underground News Network,, and boy is it a shitty day today.  We got planes drawing tic tac toe boards in the sky, traffic checks on the 204, 305, and 214.  Yea so you better have your chips if not stay off them muthafukkaz. Yea like me.”  “Me too. chip free.” “Folks these bastards done successfully covered up the sun again, but we still gonna rock out. Yea revolution on the rise, Nibiru is above the sky, break your ties to the lies, and watch out for the spies, once again this your brotherz Sirius Chazz, and Ton Sun Blu with your updates from the underground news network. Stay up  my people!”  “A yo man you cool?”  “Yea, yo you heard about the kid over in China?”  “Naa, he’s on the mission?”  “Yea they said he took the flight to Inkiki’s camp last week.”  “Damn I wonder how Rosley pulled that one off.”  “I don’t know but I’m starting to believe this shit.” “Ay man I told you aint nothing to believe, we here watching this shit unfold”  “Yea you right shits crazy, I just hope he turns out as good they say he’s suppose too!”
 Cyliss arrives at Inkiki’s Kung Fu Camp, and immediately starts his training in the ancient mystic crafts and sciences passed on by the Grand Master Inkiki.  Cyliss is partnered with the best fighter in his age class, whom goes by the name of Docaki.
  Haa Whooo; YAA; huu saa raa; sook sook,, chaaa; that’s enough for today go bring the water back from the stream SI SenSai,,; “Ha, well you didn’t put up much of a fight today Faceless Blake. I cant even call that training.” “What ever lets just get sen sai’s water.”  “I don’t know what he sees in you anyway.”  “What do you mean?” Cyliss questioned. “The way he looks at you. You cant tell?”  “I thought he looked at me because of how much I mess up.” Cyliss responded in amazement.  “No its because he expects a lot from you.  He must if he paired you with me, I’m his son.  I’ve been learning from him my whole life.   Everyone says he’s harder on me than the rest of the students, but I know its just because he expects a lot out of me, although I don’t get why he would think that of you.”  “What do you mean?  I’ve only been here 4 weeks, I’m just learning my stances.”  “Yea I guess you’re right.   Race you to the water.”
  Days seemed to fly by here I was enjoying it so much,  4 more months went by of raw stance training.  SenSai stressed how these were of extreme importance.  Docaki gave me the name Faceless Blake, but only behind closed doors.  He knew he would get in trouble by SenSai if he was to ever find out.  One day he finally mustered up the guts to ask me why I wore the mask.
 “So Cyliss why do wear that mask anyway?  It has to be hard to breathe under that thing.  “Well when I was young my mom and dad said I was really sensitive to the air and I would get sick a lot, so my  mother went and got me this mask to filter the air.  I never complained about it; I never even pulled it off except when it was time to eat.”  “Well the air is clean here so you don’t have to wear it anymore.”  “I know but I like it.  It reminds me of my parents.  “Ha mommas boy!” “Shut up.”
 I enjoyed bonding with Docaki because it was so rare, although I guess you can’t really call that bonding, but talking about the mask made me want to write a letter to my parents.
 Hey Mom and Dad I miss you guys a lot.  I’m really enjoying the classes here, and I think my instructors actually like me.  Through the first 4 months I’ve learned 7 stances, and 3 forms and have daily meditation training where I’m learning to control my dreams. We also have Sanskrit class where we are allowed to express ourselves to our liking not some one else’s.  So how is the business doing? I miss the Lab, and I cant wait for you guys to come and visit me this summer.  P.S. Tell dad to take his time in the lab. 
 When I first arrived at the camp I got this mystical feeling, like there was no pressure in there air,  only free space.  I knew I was going to have to wake up early and everything but it still felt completely different.  I couldn’t wait to wake up, or wait to go to sleep. After I learned my first couple of meditation techniques I could control my dreams with no sweat.  Entering into the astral planes was an everyday thing here compared to New Atlantis Middle School; there I used to get in trouble for day dreaming,  but here we had to do it three times a day. Sen sai encouraged us to create worlds outside of the one we live in.  The trees and lakes are so beautiful here, and the air is sensitive  to where you can feel every vibration that went across it. I knew sen sai liked this because he could feel everything going on around the camp. “The older classes that were ahead of us are amazing to watch especially when matches take place inside the DoJo.  Everyone in the camp would gather around and watch the best of the classes show their stuff. I cant wait to show mine, and the time is sooner than I thought.  Through all the things I’ve been learning I didn’t realize I had been here 6 months, and my birthday was coming up.  I didn’t really care about my birthday, but more so about the fact that me and Docaki were going to be moving  into the 9 year olds group.  Docaki was already 9, he turned 9 2 months before me, but partners move up in class together.  The part I’m worried the most about is the dual me and Docaki will have in the Dojo demonstrating our skills to the elders of the camp.  I know Docaki will be ready, even though he’s acting like he doesn’t care. We both know better than that, there was no way he’s going to allow someone who’s only been here six months outshine him in front of the whole camp.  But wait, I’m Cyliss Blake.
  “Visualize precisely where you want the strike to land, always target behind the point you want to obliterate, your movement should flow like water, your body should hit like a solid, and your mind is as clear as the air we breathe, energy is created by atomic spin, your waste is the center of your atom; the energy is pulled through the legs from the earth, the light rains down from the stars, and the contact is created by the man“. Every time SenSai would talk it would send chills through my body, the hair would stand up on my arms like I stuck my finger in an electric socket, I am fully in tune and pulsating at a new high rate, and good thing because my match with Docaki is tomorrow. SenSai woke us up early today I knew it was going to be a special day today. “Cyliss, Docaki prepare yourselves for your initiations today, I have placed your new  garments on the ledge next to the window“. All of the students 9 and older wore bright orange robes, SenSai explained two us before how it represents the light of the chakras that shine internally, I hope this was what he was referring to as the garments on the ledge. Docaki must of already knew about it.  I could tell by  the look on his face he didn’t even look one bit surprised, he’s so cocky.  I could tell all he was focused on was putting me out early. I had a dream about the fight last night, no doubt in my mind he had the same, we must of met on the astral planes at sometime through the night, I didn’t want to think about the result of the fight in the dream, because I knew it could go down completely different on this plane. Kinsu our meditation instructor took us on the top of the hill for meditation training today.  This is was the first time I got to go to the top of hill, we normally only go half way up because the elders were at the top.  As soon as we got up there I could instantly feel the difference in the atmosphere before the session even began it felt like I was transcending, it felt amazing,. I peeked over at Docaki during the session and to no surprise he still had the same facial expression he was wearing when SenSai told us about the new garments.  I’m sure Docaki has been to the top of hill plenty of times, with or without SenSai knowing.  During meditation I could first feel myself looking down at the camp site.  I continued to rise until I could feel the earth beneath me.  This was nothing new, but then I felt myself making my way past the Van Allen Belt, bursting out through the astral material surrounding the planet.  I continued to rise until I engulfed the consciousness of the entire solar system.  Although I could not locate my point of center, it was still the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.  Words were pointless in a descriptive attempt, although at one point when I thought I had a chance to locate myself Kinsu pulled me back right before I got there.  Then all of a sudden I felt a caterpillar blooming into a butterfly right inside of my stomach as I remembered we didn’t  have stance training today.  It was time to meet SenSai and the rest of the camp at the dojo. Me and Docaki’s match would probably be the second since there was only one class younger than us.
  “Let the spirit the prophets, and the soul of the most high bless our communion today, as we take part in ancient traditions that have been accumulated since the beginning of the end.  Remember the ancestors in all of your doing, the path is straight but a straight line is easily curved.  Remain focused, and keep your chambers clear.  Would everyone please bow there heads in remembrance of all of the ancestors and dedicate a moment of purity to the divine soul that sits on high.” Once again when SenSai spoke it gave me the chills and my hair stood up on my arms.  I wanted to make sure I paid close attention to everything SenSai said.  The first match started between the younger students, Solung and Jinsu, and I felt that studying this match could give me a slight advantage against  Docaki whom I realized had stepped out for a second.  He was probably going over some forms to try and warm up for the match. I knew he wasn’t interested in the younger students match, but if SenSai realized he was gone he would get in trouble. Oh well Jinsu caught Solung’s kick anyway and took him down .  The matches never last long.  It was time to clear everything from my mind, our match is next, and I know it’s going to take everything I have, to make this an interesting contest. As SenSai called us on to the floor, Docaki had walked in from the outside.  SenSai saw him and gave him a look that might of captured his soul. As I stood up and approached the floor, thoughts poured into my head like holding a glass under Niagara Falls.  I could feel my heart beating to a rhythm faster than a bumble bees wings.  As I stood across from Docaki he looked me dead in my eyes and gave me smirk as if he knew I stood no chance.  I felt this was exactly the motivation I needed. I knew he underestimated me and I was going to make him pay for it.  From past sprawls with Docaki I knew he was a far more aggressive fighter than I was, so I wanted to throw him off by an early attack. “Begin!”  Just as SenSai said begin I sprung in the air like a grasshopper escaping a robin with a flying kick that would surly end this match faster than the strike of a lightning bolt.  When I reached the peak of my jump I looked down at Docaki with the eyes of a hawk.  He looked back at me, with an even more animated smurk than before, at that point I made a mental connection and knew the match was over. Docaki had been in my head the whole time, right before the match began and when he gave me the smurk.  He knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that it would give me the exact motivation I needed to do something as stupid as starting the match off with a flying kick. Just at that moment Docaki grabbed my leg and snatched me out the air, and put me in a crab hold where he could of easily made my leg move in 90 degrees each direction. The match was over, and it wasn’t much of a fight.  I’ll blame it on my lack of experience but  one things for sure, the reason the second smirk Docaki gave was so animated wasn’t because  he knew he was going to win, but because he felt the power and force of the kick and knew if he didn’t react he wouldn’t have woke up till the next day……